Just as you might not know everything you need to about the real estate market, doesn’t mean you’re wrong.  We here at Denver Relocation probably don’t know everything about the occupation you are in either.  Knowing about the Denver homes for sale in your area of interest is something we do know and we can help you make the right moves at the right time!


Everything You Know About Denver’s Real Estate Market Is Wrong


Well, maybe not everything. But thanks to scant housing inventory, massive population growth, and still-low interest rates, buying or selling a home in—or even near—the Mile High City means stepping into a fierce game with ever-changing rules. Here’s how to play the market right now.


Let’s start with the good news: If you own a house in Denver, its value probably has gone up in the past year. If you sell that home, you’ll likely pocket some cash. And if you’re looking to buy here…well, at least you’re investing in an appreciating market. (Median home-sale prices are increasing more than 30 percent year over year in some areas.) Plus, the market is so hot that real estate agents can make solid arguments for why purchasing a property in nearly any Denver neighborhood is a good idea.


But all that buying and selling means the metro area’s housing market is a different beast today than it was a decade ago. Denver once was known as a place where you could buy a stand-alone home with a yard, in a central neighborhood, for less than $350,000. Today, that house is real estate’s version of a pink unicorn. When one is spotted, there’s a frenzy of offers—many above asking price—with cash-only options, rent-back promises, appraisal waivers, and sometimes more bizarro proposals, like the buyer who suggested adopting a seller’s cat because the seller was moving out of the country (the buyer still didn’t win the bid).  Keep reading here….


Find out more when it comes to Denver real estate, call Denver Relocation to keep you in tune with the market.  Finding the right home at the right price is what we do best.  So don’t hesitate because of what you don’t know, we will lend our expertise to get you the right home.