As a real estate agent here in Denver I needed a hobby, something to take my mind off the days events. Fishing was a good idea but it took an entire day, and the river kept trying to knock me down and drown me!

Golf was less time consuming but I found I spent more time & money with the chiropractor than on the golf course. I am an “intense” golfer.

And both of these took me away from the house and our girls. So I chose model railroading.

I was first infected with the Colorado Narrow Gauge when my then 11 year old daughter and I made a trip from our Highlands Ranch home to Mesa Verde. After two days we decided to ride the train and that stack music invaded my soul. I did have a little background having had a 4 X 8 layout given to me by Dad in 1961.

Still, trains were a major part of Colorado’s history where today many of the back country roads were originally roadbeds for a railroad. Even some of our highways have old spikes buried in the dirt, but do not try to dig them up! Personally, I have never heard music as sweet as the “stack music” coming from a steam locomotive. I hope you get to experience it soon.

Here are pictures of my railroad layouts…

highlands ranch
lone tree

Watch Some Train Videos

For more history see the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Some Colorado Classic Railroads for you to travel on and enjoy