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READY to SELL YOUR Denver Home?   Items you need to consider before putting you home on the market…here are some of them.

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Whats-it-Worth? Your house that is. Get a free market analysis without talking to a Realtor. Complete the form as best as possible. Multiple Listing Service data will be used to compare your home to others in the neighborhood that have similar square footage and finish. Seeing the inside allows a real estate broker to provide a accurate range for similar properties.

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This free service will provide e-mails to you based upon your own home search criteria. You enter and control the process. If 3 homes come on the market you see them. None come on the market, there is no report. All based upon a daily search of active IDX listings in the Denver multiple listing service.

Steps to Selling Your House in Denver  What does it take? How long? Who does what?

Do I need to Stage my house? See STAGING BASICS for some free answers.

Showing my home…they are outside and want to see it in 15 minutes! See Show in 15 minutes!.

Interviewing real estate agents can be one of those disconcerting events in life. Make sure you are ready and have some good questions for them, but mostly, do a gut check. Is this person honest and truthful? Do they live by a set of standards and do they provide current, relevant testimonials about their leadership and principles? Here is an article I posted on my blog about choosing a Realtor

There are some serious mistakes Denver  sellers make. Do not let these mistakes cost you money. Read our report: AVOID Mistakes Sellers Make

Homes we have SOLD my video resume of homes I have sold might be something fun.

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Sell FAST?

An experienced Real Estate Broker is like a PGA tour pro versus the local course pro. The “neighborhood specialist” may know the neighborhood, but may not know the hardcore marketing to get the job done. Something to ponder before you choose a Real Estate Broker to represent you. And not all real estate brokers are Realtors.


It just takes work and knowledge of the market, but mostly it takes strategic thinking. We know who will probably buy your home demographically and through experience, so our job is to orchestrate the marketing so it hits with a flood. We attempt to be everywhere by launching our multiple marketing plans within 48 hours.

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