Tips from over 30 years of helping folks relocate to Denver and find home…

House hunting can be very taxing, especially when relocating to Denver from sea level

  • This may be a “look see” trip to get the lay of the land. They often change into “YES, we got the job! Now where to live?” trip. Be prepared to “extend” the visit.
  • Get a lender pre-approval letter before getting on the plane. Can you or your Realtor reach the loan officer quickly?
  • “Hydrate” with water (NOT SODA or POP) during the plane flight and for the first 24 hours after arriving. Altitude sickness can affect anyone.
  • Plan to look at homes during the week in daylight, when most folks are at work, not having a weekend birthday party or wedding reception.
  • If possible, leave the kids home, or with grandma*, especially young ones, who at most can see 3-4 homes before melting down.
  • Bring the measurements of your largest pieces of furniture.
  • Check school districts and neighborhoods as best you can before the trip…I am happy to help.
  • Create a list of “areas” you want to see. Be ready for a “chef’s tour” and then we can look at homes.
  • Use the e-mail search function so we can send you everything on the market. Contact me about what you want…bedrooms, baths, pre-approved price, and things you like to do for fun.
  • And even today, bring your checkbook. It is possible you could find the house and need to place an earnest money deposit.
  • Looking at homes and making decisions like these can be stressful. Make it fun. Have good meals, Take in a movie, and enjoy Colorful Colorado!.

*often Grandma’s travel expenses to your home can be negotiated as a part of your relocation package.