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Highlands Ranch sits at an elevation of 5,682 feet at the south end of Broadway in Douglas County and covers over 22,000 acres from Santa Fe Drive to Quebec Street on the east. A master planned community featuring gated communities, four recreation centers, over 1/3 of the acreage dedicated to open space for a pathway system and an easy commute to either downtown via light rail or to the Denver Tech Center, or the Inverness business corridor. Paths and nature walks are the norm through the wonderful park system. There are over 30,000 residential dwelling units and typically some 300-500 property listings for sale. My wife & I have lived here since 1989 and her “new” (2001) car averages less than 5000 miles per year, “because everything is so close”. Being a master planned community homeowners are required to submit plans for any and all exterior improvements for approval to the architectural control committee prior to installation. “Our goal is to ensure choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community” HRCA. The land that is now Highlands Ranch was a prime hunting ground for the Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapaho indians. The area’s ownership passed back and forth between Spain and France until Napoleon sold it to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.


The schools serving Highlands Ranch, and the majority of the front range communities that are part of Denver are a diverse mix of public systems, charter schools, and private/parochial schools. Charter schools are considered public and will be included in the district listings. Please see the more school connections link for private, charter and home schooling options. NOTE: While many school districts serve portions of Highlands Ranch, no single one covers the entire community. The property address will determine the school district. Sometimes they will overlap…but not always. Douglas County Schools Parochial School Network More school connections


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While still unincorporated in 2014, the Highlands Ranch Community Association is the governing entity for the 100,000 residents. The HRCA is governed by a 5 member volunteer Board of Directors. There are 93 Delegate Districts and each Delegate is freely elected by their residents. These Delegates authorize the Board of Director to take various actions and the Board of Directors sets the community policies. There is also a community manager who often could be thought of as a City Manager. The Highlands Ranch Metro District has some parks, ball fields, as well as the infrastructure concerns of the community yet is a taxing entity while the community association funds itself with dues. Highlands Ranch Community Association Highlands Ranch Metro District Douglas County


A wiki link to the community’s history and the official history page of Highlands Ranch Metro District and the Highlands Ranch Community Association. Such a diverse and intriguing history cannot be explained in a few short sentences. The prairie land that is today Highlands Ranch was home to the Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapaho indians as well as vast herds of buffalo, a remenant of which can be viewed in Daniels Park. The ground was originally a potato farm where Dad Clark made his way in life. More homesteaders came and ultimately John Springer acquired some 23000 acres and called his empire the Springer Cross Country Horse and Cattle Ranch. There was murder, extra marital affairs and intrigue that ensued between 1891 when the first part of the mansion was started, and 1937 when Lawrence Phipps bought the property and renamed it the Phipps Ranch, the name the property held until it became Highlands Ranch. There were some more mutations, additions and deletions to the land holdings and it totaled 22009 acres taht was acquired in 1978 by the Mission Viejo Company

Parks and Recreation

In the cities around Denver there are a lot of opportunities for recreation, a lot of which Colorado is famous for including many horse clubs. Highlands Ranch was developed with a recreation plan that includes miles of jogging biking paths, nature hiking trails and 4 recreation centers nearly every resident is allowed to use, free of charge. The largest of these facilities, Eastridge, tips the scales at some 80,000 square feet and is home to the Highlands Ranch Community Association, who sponsers many events every year. An activity guide is available on their website.