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Greenwood Village LogoGreenwood Village real estate is a community of a diverse levels of homes, from multi million dollar gated estates, to old bungalows tucked into the corners of the “village”. It offers a city with snow plows, parks, its own police force, acreage for horses. It is truely a blend of urban and rural, residential and open space. Such a dichotomy is hard to find and yet here it is in the southeast portion of metro Denver.

The village greatly expanded its borders in 2000 in an attempt to annex all of the commercial land and businesses in western Arapahoe County to strengthen its tax base. There were quite a few residential neighborhoods that agreed to the annexation, yet the courts block the main prize, the commercial land. Governed by a Council Manager form of government and the town was formed in 1950 by a close vote of 74 for and 64 against, nearly the entire voting population turned out to vote!


Greenwood Village schools are for the most part those of the Cherry Creek School District, however there are pockets where Littleton and Englewood schools poke their noses in. It seems that the majority of the front range communities that are part of Denver are a diverse mix of public systems, charter schools, and private/parochial schools. Charter schools are considered public and will be included in the district listings. Please see the more school connections link for private, charter and home schooling options.
NOTE: While many school districts serve portions of Greenwood Village, no single one covers the entire Village. The property address will determine the school district. Sometimes they will overlap…but not always.
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Cherry Creek School District
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Formed in 1950 Greenwood Village is governed by a Council/Manager form of government. The Mayor and Council members are elected by popular election. The Mayor and Council then appoint a City Manager. Two of the council members represent one of four districts in the city. The Mayor is elected “at large”. The Council Manager form seems to create a strong combination of the managerial abilities and the political strengths of the other.
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A wiki link to the city’s history and the official history page of Greenwood Village. During the 1930’s & 1940’s the area known as Greenwood Village today contained a mixture of farmers, a few suburbanites and those who would come out to their “country homes” for the weekend or summer. Cherry Hills Village was originally created from a development called “Country Homes”. In 1950 it seems some of the permanent residents became concerned that their northern neighbor, Denver, was eyeing their little bit of heaven and they decided to incorporate the village by a close vote of 74 to 64. The Town of Greenwood Village was born, however, the residents insist it is still a Village.

Parks and Recreation

In a ll the cities around Denver there are a lot of opportunities for recreation, a lot of which Colorado is famous for including many horse clubs. The rest may be local golf, flag football or softball teams, walking and jogging path maps, or even recreation centers provided for residents.