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Colorado has more people on the move than any other state

Moving vans and cars with license plates from other states are everywhere, and that isn’t a fluke. Colorado is full of people on the move.

More than one in 10 Colorado households that filed a tax return in 2014 lived in another county or state the year before. That’s more than in any other state.

Nationally, 6.4 percent of 2014 tax returns listed an address in a different county or state the year before, according to tax return data from the Internal Revenue Service.

If Colorado is a migration destination, then Denver serves as its Ellis Island, claiming nearly one in five of the households making a major move within or to the state.

“Denver is a gateway. People know the name Denver. They don’t know the name Aurora,” state demographer Elizabeth Garner said.

Among other highlights gleaned from the returns:

  • The entire metro area, including Boulder, claimed nearly two-thirds of households moving to or relocating across county lines within Colorado.  Find out more…

Colorado is a beautiful state to call home, there are many suburbs that are wonderful communities to raise your family.   They offer noteable school districts and so much more.  Let Denver Relocation help you today!