Denver Real Estate agent since 1985

Pete Doty offers a bit more of a narative on his experiences and business as a real estate agent

Pete Doty brings a wealth of experience with him; a real estate agent in Denver since 1985, and a broker/owner since 1988, a state convention speaker, and local association orientation instructor, a true leader with high principles and values he is eager to lead your home search and to share his experience with you. Make sure you check his personal standards by clicking here.

When you hire Pete, you get the benefit of his expert knowledge and experience, plus his enthusiasm for the job! Check his testimonials page. You also get his years of living in the south suburbs (1982) and since 1989 he has been in Highlands Ranch.

From friend & client All Smith(trivia king) “To paraphrase Will Rogers, Pete Doty knows what he is doing, he loves what he is doing and he believes in what he is doing.”

Before becoming a real estate broker Pete was an Oil & Gas Landman, Land Manager, Operations Coordinator, Engineering Technician, all in 10 years from 1975 through 1985 when he was laid off due to the price of oil falling through the floor.   He also trained offshore workers in fire fighting techniques and oil spill clean up.

BS – Bachelor of Science in Industrial Arts from Montana State University Bozeman, Montana

CRS – Certified Residential Specialist® a National Association of Realtors designation acheived in 1989

GRI – Graduate Realtor® Institute another National Association of Realtors designation acheived in 1988

IWA – Internet Wizard Award  (self proclaimed) – Keeping up with internet technology enthusiastically and successfully closed over $10 million in residential real estate transactions in 2004

CYBERSTAR™ – Chosen by Allen Hainge as one of the leading Realtors on the net who have a great homepage and use technology well. 

You already know I go to church and we are very active there making mission trips around the world. My other passion is for model trains. It is a interesting hobby, yet there are parts that really fit together with the rest of my life. The hobby caught me right after I ridden the Durango & Silverton Train and was enthralled by the “stack music”, the music a steam engine makes when it is pulling a train up a hill! And the scenery was amazing! I wanted that! The other thing I wanted was for me to be at home when my 2 daughters needed to visit or talk. A real estate agent’s job is not at home all the time, but at least I was home for dinner almost every night. And they would come into the workshop and ask those questions that only a daughter will ask a Dad! So the choice of model railroading quickly became an obsession. Over the years I have moved from scenery, to operations…making the scene work and look real.  Please take a look at my pages at

When after being in the oil and gas business as a landman I had plenty of contract writing experience, as well as title knowledge, but very little sales and almost no negotiating experience. I did not go to college to be a Realtor, nor did I ever plan such a move. It just happened. And since 1985 it has been a good life, full of challenges, and insights, ups and downs with the Denver market, and it has allowed us to support our daughters in their mission trips, our mission trips, and, ultimately one daughter’s marriage in Scotland and 2 grand children! Wow! Thank you God!

In the business since 1985 and with my own company since late 1988, I find the challenges the same, and different. I still need to meet people, but much of that happens through this connection, my web sites. One of my recent testimonials comes from a fellow who met me that way, and we helped him buy a place for his daughter, who is going to school here. Take a look at our testimonials and read it for yourself. I also attempt to meet face to face with folks and the modelers at the South Suburban Division of the National Model Railroading Assn.