Closing and Moving IN!

Finally I get the keys!!!!!!!!!

This is about understanding the closing process and possession practices of the Denver real estate market and how title companies and Realtors are allowed to oversee this function instead of attorneys. If you want an attorney involved you should feel free to hire one.

Folks sometimes feel a little “let down” after all the loan, appraisal and inspection issues we face. Sometimes there is a “is that all there is” feeling. That is normal, but enjoy moving into your new home in Denver.

Once you have found the perfect Denver home and negotiated the deal, the home inspection and appraisal are done, now we go to closing. It is different in each state and city and you want to make sure that the home has good title, and you are getting what you paid for.

Colorado title companies provide a great range of services to both the real estate community and the public. They are regulated and fees are posted. While the title company prepares the documents the real estate BROKER is responsible for the correctness of the real estate documents.

Make sure your real estate agent is a REALTOR.