Inspections and appraisal practices in Denver

Littleton real estate broker Pete Doty says that once you have found the perfect Denver home and negotiated the deal, you do not want to discover that you have bought a bag of trouble. That is why the home inspection and appraisal are the 2 most critical portions of buying a home in Denver. You want to make sure that the home is in the condition you expect, and that the bank agrees with the price you are paying. Here are some insights from Pete Doty, Denver Realtor since 1985, in this short clip:

By the way, there is no “PASS or FAIL” on an inspection, rather the home inspector will show you things that work and things that might not work. You get to decide what issues are “big surprises” that cause you not to want to buy the home, or cause your opinion of the value to be reduced. Either way, when your Denver home is inspected, you should be there…it is like having a walking talking home owners manual leading and teaching you all about your new Denver house. Jump forward to Closing and Moving IN! Finally I get the keys!