Home buyers relocating to Denver have so many questions

“What do I do first?” – Get pre approved from a lender before you fall in love with that house. “Can I afford to buy?”. “How much money do I need?”. “For Down payment?”. “How do I negotiate the best deal?”. “Is that a good value?” “Where should I live?”. “What is the best school district?”. “Do I need to sell my house first?”. “I don’t want to move twice.” All of these questions are typical for the first, second and third time buyer. Folks just never want to make a mistake with such a large investment… their home.

Choosing a Realtor to Represent YOU! Competence + Experience + Trust = the right Realtor

Buying Tips Here are 10 tips to understanding the buying process

Increase your negotiating power Get a Pre-Approval ! A pre-approval consists of having your loan taken through the application, processing and underwriting stages to obtain your loan approval. This can be done even before you have selected a property. It is a very valuable service because it gives you three important advantages.

DENVER HOME BUYING (OR SELLING) PROCESS What is the process and how long will it take? Normal questions for buyers from in town or out.

STEPS TO BUYING A HOME IN COLORADO Choose a Realtor® that shares your values and tells the truth. Negotiation style and candor are key components. Remember the Realtor® will not be living with you nor helping with the payments, so their input should be limited to the “value” as it relates to the asking price and marketing “value”, not whether or not he “likes it”.

11 Front Range Challenges 11 things, from Colorado unique weather to our even more unusual soils. Every Buyer Needs to Know these things before they buy on the Front Range of Colorado.

The Real Cost of Renting You Will Pay and Pay and Pay…

Recommended Lenders Take a look at these good folks who will do great things for YOU!

Mortgage Calculators Calculators are only for estimation purposes. The accuracy of the information given is not guaranteed. For accurate numbers, please consult a professional loan officer. Here is a list of our preferred lenders. With that said, these will give you a great idea of what you are facing before you jump into the house buying process. The more you know, the better off you’ll be.

Types of Mortgages Click here to learn about the different kinds of mortgages and what’s right for you!

Benefits of Pre-Approval Take the pre-qualification one step further and get a full loan approval. This is the best approach as you can negotiate as though you have all cash! And Sellers respond with better terms!

Closing Costs Explained Knowing the differences of each cost and how they can impact the final price.

Items Needed for a Loan Application Getting all the items needed for your loan applications might seem overwhelming. Here is a simple list we’ve come up with to help you.

Denver Map Denver, which is centrally located in the center of the metro boast 3 million and growing everyday! Click here to get the lay of the land.

Denver Home Searching Online We’ve put together a easy to use interactive map for your online house hunting.

Viewing Homes for Sale After your initial counselling appointment, I will have a good idea of your wants, needs, price range, and location and will enter your requirements into my Multiple Listing Service (MLS) IDX computer. From the many listings in its inventory, we will create a list of homes tailored just for you. Then after your review and selection, I will make arrangements so we can get inside those homes.

Why Use This Realtor? Buying a home is a complicated business. Mistakes could literally cost you thousands of dollars or the missed opportunity of owning the home of your dreams. As a buyer, you are always in competition with all of the other buyers who are looking to buy your dream home. There is a vast difference in the level of expertise and quality of service provided by real estate agents. Give yourself the advantage of working with the Very Best … work with Pete Doty & Company and get these value-added services that will make a big difference for you!

Standards of Practice My priorities in life are God, Family and church.My business supports and reflects my commitment to these priorities.

Asbestos & Lead Based Paint Colorado sales agreements do not mention asbestos however, the buyer should be aware asbestos may be used in the construction of any home. This is a little unsettling. Asbestos is a known carcinogen, and when exposed, tiny particles can be released into the air your breathe.

Home Warranties Your home is one of the biggest investments of your life. Why take chances? Be covered against the expense of an unexpected repair or replacement for a full year after closing, less standard deductible.

Sewer Scope Inspections By taking the time to have a sewer line inspection, you avoid the chance of getting a nasty surprise after your home purchase – and may provide your realtor more information to correctly negotiate a fair price!

Home Inspections It’s easy to make sure the home you’ve chosen is a smart buy. By having a home inspection, the home’s vital systems are checked. A home inspection allows you to purchase your home with confidence.

Contract offer & Acceptance In negotiating the purchase of your new home, the initial step will be to make an offer to purchase. This offer should be in writing and accompanied by an earnest money check to show good faith.

6 videos take you through the process This series of videos is like visiting with Pete in his office, that first get to know you time, and this Denver Realtor shares his experience and knowledge with you