Sell for more in Englewood?

That is one of the things we do…help folks sell for more, especially when selling Englewood real estate. We can help add value to your home. We have weekly no-cost or low-cost fix up e-mail tips; just click the “Weekly Tips”. The remodel cost versus value report is under the “Remodel?”. Check out the “Add-Value Report” for some basic ideas on getting your home ready to sell. The “Glossaries” button will take you to real estate glossaries for both relocation and normal home sales. The Whats-it-Worth? button will take you to a market value request for your home.

“LOWER YOUR PRICE!” You may have had a home not sell and every one is telling you to lower your price. I would prefer to increase the value to the prospective buyers out in the big buyer pool. Wouldn’t you…?

Here is a tip free for the taking…if you have bold colors on the walls of your home, you are limiting the number of buyers who will be interested. My wife loves taupe kinds of colors as they make our home warm and cozy. But your taste may be more towards a kahki color or sage green. Allot of folks say “paint is cheap, so get your home back to Apache White or a similar neutral color.

And I would be re-miss if I did not offer this e-book of 450 ideas you can use to get top dollar for your Englewood home.