The Holy Cross & Crystal River Railroad; my first layout
Naming of this rail road was hard and easy; I fell in love with the Bible and the Rio Grande Southern at about the same time. Names like Ophir on the route it was hard to choose, but Holy Cross Mountain is one of my all time favorite back country trips. Holy Cross was therefore obvious, however, there is no Crystal Sea in Colorado! And the Crystal River Railroad was all standard gauge, but what the heck! It is a freelanced narrow gauge railroad, and there is a fair representation of Rico on the route to Denver. There is even a Revelation Hose Company on the route! So here is the Holy Cross & Crystal River Railroad.
This is look up Yankee Boy Basin from the town of Crystal River. Way up in the mountains (about 6 feet away) you can barely see the mine buildings in this use of forced perspective. The back drop as well as the.
One of my favorites is RGS #461 with both DCC and Sound coaling up in Rico.
The town of Rico starts to take shape with a backdrop painted from pictures taken by friends from the water tank and the route to Spokane(?) on the Great Northern. Better pictures of the yard and track details.
Here are some views of how the back drop is progressing. Some of those buildings are just watercolor on pen and ink drawings. I am not sure which is my favorite view.
Here are some Pictures from Detlef Kurpanek’s recent Jan06 visit to the HCCR. The Dinkey Creek Bridge at Angie’s Camp. Conversation at the downhill side of the Future Mill. #42 heads out of Rico past the coal chutes and the stock pens. Centennial & Denver Real EState Broker Highlands Ranch Homes for Sale Heading out of Rico toward the east
The Holy Cross City Engine house is lit up for night work, and only a forelorn Goose #2 is in site. The cover of the 1994 issue featuring the engine house above. What a thrill! Looking up under Dinkey Creek Bridge and a view around the wye. Looking under the yard stream

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