We hope you find these beneficial in your search for a Denver Home

Highlands Ranch resident and real estate agent Pete Doty has compiled the Home Buying process videos, including glossaries, the words, the interview, the agency agreement, the search for that perfect Denver home, the contract to buy, the inspection, the appraisal, the final underwriting, walk thru and finally, closing, getting the keys and moving in, all presented by Pete Doty, Denver Realtor/real estate broker since 1985. This series of videos is like visiting with Pete in his office, that first get to know you time, and this Denver Realtor shares his experience and knowledge with you. The six videos are just over 15 minutes…pick and choose by title.

Denver Home Buying Process-1   The basics to start looking for a home in Denver

Denver Home Buying Process–2   Why you need to get a loan first

Denver Home Buying Process-3   Finding that Perfect Denver Home

Denver Home Buying Process-4   Buying that Denver home with Colorado Approved contracts

Denver Home Buying Process-5   Inspections and appraisals in Denver

 Denver Home Buying Process-6   Closing, getting the keys, and Moving IN!

Denver Realtor’s Video resume    Homes I have sold (since the digital camera and up until a few years ago)