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englewood logoEnglewood was established as a gold camp close to where Little Dry Creek and the South Platte River join. The center of the new town formed around what today is Broadway and old Hampden Avenue and in 1919 encompassed some 65 buildings and it was largely a farming community.

Englewood is one of the earliest bedroom communities of Denver; Englewood is immediately adjacent to Denver’s south city line and in the mid 1920’s there was a move to be annexed into Denver. Many of the homes were built during the post World War II boom. As a matter of fact there are even some “WAR HOUSES” where they had been started before the war started and when the rationing started, there were not enough materials to build all of the walls. So they just put a roof on the basement! Portions of  un-incorporated Arapahoe County are still known as Englewood


The Englewood School system serves the community within the city limits of Englewood and is directed by a board of education. One finds however that the majority of the front range communities that are part of Denver are a diverse mix of public systems, charter schools, and private/parochial schools. Charter schools are considered public and will be included in the district listings. Please see the more school connections link for private, charter and home schooling options. Attendance boundaries for each school can change often. The property address will determine school attendance. It is best to check with the district for accurate information.
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Englewood is a home rule city with a City Council/Manager form of government with 7 council members, 4 from districts and 3 at large, The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem are elected by the Council.
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A wiki link to the city’s history and the official history page of the City of Englewood.
GOLD! This may have been the first discovery, even before the one that brought Denver to prominence. But they occurred in the same year. Maybe prospector Russell didn’t have any part of the Denver find and just moved upstream? Anyway, it happened at Little Dry Creek and the South Platte River in 1858. Two years later Thomas Skerritt homesteaded a 640 acre parcel that became Englewood which was originally called Orchard Place. Skerritt built Broadway to Denver using his plough for the ditches on each side and then dragging a heavy log behind his wagon to level the way. It was so wide it became “BROADWAY” Denver’s east west dividing line.

Parks and Recreation

In a ll the cities around Denver, especially Englewood, there are a lot of opportunities for recreation, a lot of which Colorado is famous for including many horse clubs. The rest may be local golf, flag football or softball teams, walking and jogging path maps, or even recreation centers provided for residents. Pirates Cove is one of those unexpected delights we find in small cities and Englewood, and the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District have teamed up to make a beautiful, and fun facility around this anchor attraction.