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Denver homes for sale (Just in the city limits. Not the suburbs)

Denver was established in 1858 after a party of prospectors made a gold discovery at the confluence of Cherry Creek & the South Platte River, now known as confluence park in Denver. The town founders thought it a good idea to name this dusty crossroads after the then Governor of the Kansas territory, James W Denver. Denver grew in importance as the main supply camp for the Colorado gold camps, which were not serviced by rail until 1870. Other gold discoveries sparked a mass migration of some 100,000 in 1859-60, leading the federal government to establish Colorado Territory in 1861. The City of Denver grew and continued to annex ground from counties around it until it was determined that that practice need to be approved by the voters. The City now encompasses 154 square miles and averages over 300 days of sunshine each year. Portions of the city will have homes in the one million plus range and the upbeat and vibrant Cherry Creek area offers townhomes in the $600,000 plus range. High rise condominiums and lofts are predominant in the downtown area, while the neighborhoods further from downtown tend to be more suburban in nature. Large and stately luxury homes surround the Country Club district.


The Denver Public School system serves the community of Denver within the city limits. One finds however that the majority of the front range communities that are part of Denver are a diverse mix of public systems, charter schools, and private/parochial schools. Charter schools are considered public and will be included in the district listings. Please see the more school connections link for private, charter and home schooling options. Attendance boundaries change often. The property address will determine school attendance. It is best to check with the district for accurate information. Denver Public Schools Parochial School Network More school connections


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Denver has a vibrant Mayor/City Council form of government with 13 council members, 11 from districts and 2 at large, plus a mayor elected at large.The Council committees advise the council on matters of concern and help the council form policies. Legislation is proposed at council meetings and then discussed soon thereafter with the Mayor, who acts as the City Manager. City and County of Denver Colorado


A wiki link to the city’s history and the official history page of the City of Denver. GOLD! In the Kansas Territory! At the base of the Rocky Mountains! That is how it started in 1858 a meer 9 years after the 49ers rushed to California seeking their fortunes. Again it started a veritable flood of prospectors, merchants, bankers, gamblers and ladies of the evening to the little mining camp known as Denver. Many just laid claim to land, laid out city streets and sold lots so the many Denver Streets between downtown and lodo and the Highlands were a mass of transportation confusion, to this day! While booms & busts came and went, the climate kept the fortune seekers returning to Denver.

Parks and Recreation

In all the cities around Denver there are a lot of opportunities for recreation, a lot of which Colorado is famous for including many horse clubs. The rest may be local golf, flag football or softball teams, walking and jogging path maps, or even recreation centers provided for residents. Some of the most beautiful flower displays are found in the boulevards and parks of Denver. And the Denver Mountain Parks are cultural and well cared for.

Denver homes for sale (Just in the city limits. Not the suburbs)